Invisible orthodontics

Nowadays, transparent aligners can be used, so you can have your teeth straightened without having to wear traditional bonded brackets and wires.

Customised treatment for your needs

Whether your concern is aesthetic (cramped teeth, teeth that have become crooked again over time after earlier treatment) or functional (difficulty cleaning, loosened teeth moving, etc.), invisible orthodontics is for you!

There is no age limit. Transparent aligners can be used to treat both minor defects and more serious conditions. All of the movements required to re-align your teeth (rotation, tilting, pivoting) can be achieved gently and delicately.

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Let's simulate your future smile together

First, we perform a complete analysis and send all the information to our partner in the United States, who send us a video simulation of achievable tooth movements.

This enables us to show you how the position of your teeth will evolve over the course of the treatment, until the final result is obtained. It is now possible to envisage orthodontic treatment knowing in advance what the outcome will be!

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Your treatment process

Once you are happy with the proposed result, the treatment can commence. To achieve the desired tooth movements, it may be necessary to fit attachments to your teeth. The attachments are small buttons of white resin (the same shade as your teeth, so as to be as discreet as possible).

Aligners are worn for as long as possible (22 hours a day) and, every fortnight, a new set of aligners will be provided. On average, the treatment will last 7 months.

At the end of the treatment, to prevent the teeth from moving back to their initial position, it will be necessary to wear removable retainers every night.

From listening to your desires to discovering your new smile

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