Bone transplantation

If there is not enough bone mass to place implants, it is almost always possible to perform a bone graft. Among other things, grafting makes it possible to harmonise the bone ridge so that an implant can be placed under good conditions and thus achieve a very satisfactory aesthetic result.

How does it work?

In a bone graft, bone is taken from a part of the body and transferred to the place that is to be rebuilt. The choice of donor site depends on the volume of bone to be extracted.

With implant surgery, we can extract bone from inside the mouth (chin and wisdom tooth region) or outside the mouth (skullcap or, less commonly, the hip).

It is also possible to use foreign materials called heterografts. These can be bones of animal origin* or glass microparticles. These materials serve as a carrier material for bone reconstruction.

It usually takes 4 to 6 months after the transplantation for the implants to be inserted. A removable prosthesis may also be fitted over this period.

* The animal-derived materials we use are strictly monitored by the Ministry of Health and all have market approval.

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