Bone grafts

When the bone mass is insufficient to place implants, it is nearly always possible to do a bone graft. This means transplanting a bone part from another part of the body to the area that needs implants. The donor site choice, so the site the bone will be harvested from, depends on the amount of bone required.

In implant surgery, bone can be taken from inside the mouth (chin and wisdom tooth region) or outside the mouth (cranial vault or more rarely the hip).

It is also possible to use material external to the human body, ie heterografts. These can be animal bones or even glass micro particles. These material serve to support re-ossification:

Clinical case:

greffes osseuses 1 greffes osseuses 2

Here, the patient presents with bone loss at the upper right central incisor. A bone graft (taken from the chin) enabled the harmonisation of the bone crest in order to place an implant in good condition to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.

In general practice, you must wait 4 to 6 months for the graft to establish prior to placing the implant, during this time it is possible to have a joining prosthesis.

* The materials of animal origin that we use are subject to very strict surveillance by the Ministry of Health and all have marketing authorization.