Dental bleaching

Dental bleaching is intended for natural teeth that are to be lightened.
Composite dental work, ceramic crowns and bridges are not lightened by this technique.

Customised treatment for your needs

Several techniques are effective, and each is adapted to a particular situation.

A devitalized tooth, for example, will be treated with an internal bleaching technique. Living teeth will be brightened by an external technique, usually induced at the dental clinic and complemented by a night-time gutter technique.

A clinical and radiographic examination will give us an accurate understanding of your dental condition and allow us to choose the most appropriate technique.

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Why choose a dental surgeon?

Bleaching kits which can be used without the supervision of a dentist can be found on the internet, in beauticians' shops and in pharmacies. Two kinds of products are sold in this way:

  • Products which are insufficiently concentrated and therefore inactive and useless;
  • Products which are sufficiently or overly concentrated, that can damage your teeth, roots and gums when applied for too long or without protecting your tissues.

A well-conducted treatment must be adapted to your situation. It must be modulated according to your feelings.

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Your treatment process

The treatment is done at the dental clinic, while protecting your gums with a surgical cover. A reactivation of the treatment will be necessary every 18 to 24 months in order to maintain the obtained whitening. Sensitiveness may occur during the bleaching period, however, this can be alleviated by adjustment of the concentration and duration of application of the treatment products or the use of fluoride gels.

It is also best to avoid tooth-staining tannins during your treatment: such as tobacco, tea, coffee, blueberries, curry....

Minimally invasive prosthetic techniques are available if you are looking for a permanent whitening. Ceramic veneers provide a long-lasting result and harmonise the shape of the teeth. Nowadays, it is possible to try out your new smile, recreated by veneers, in order to experience the final result.

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