Your smile is our priority

Paramount element in all dental work, the aesthetic analysis in done in collaboration between the patient, the dentist and the dental technician.
Real teamwork exercise, this will enable you to have a made-to-measure treatment and regain a confident and radiant smile.


Listening to your needs & desires

The initial step will be a consultation between the dentist and yourself. The aim is to understand your request, listen and make notes on your wishes concerning the aesthetics of your smile.

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A complet and personalised assesment

Then we will perform a real situational analysis: with a camera we will photograph your face under all angles, but also your smile and your teeth.

We will also perform a true scan of your mouth in order to transmit these 3D images to our computer.


Let's model your future smile together

Your wishes are at the heart of our discussions and solutions. Certain people wish to keep some unique features about their smile: a smaller canine or a misalignment of a tooth as this forms part of their charm; and this is essential information which we will take into account to give you the most suitable solution. With all this in mind we can therefore offer a wide range of solutions integrating fully your wishes and requests.

Once all the information is gathered, be it technical and aesthetic, it will then be transferred to our dental technician how will in turn prepare a modelisation of your future smile. This in turn will be combined with the facial pictures taken for you to have an idea of the end result. You will then be able to give us your opinion, ask for modifications if needed: a lighter shade, a more natural alignment, etc. You can therefore create your made-to-measure smile!

Discouver the before and after smile photos


Discover your new smile

With these final adjustments our dental technician with make a silicone mould, also known as a key. This mould will be directly fitted to the patients teeth (mock up), enabling you to examine yourself in the mirror with the new and improved smile. Of course this is not the final look as the future ceramic teeth will have a much more natural finish than the silicone mould. But once again this enables you to give us your inputs and if needed and we can adjust the treatment in order to meet the new request.

A custom treatment will then be offered depending on the state of your teeth. Generally we endeavour to offer the less invasive treatment possible, to give you the best comfort during the entire treatment, keeping a maximum the integrity of the oral tissue as possible and a good dental health.

From listening to your desires to discovering your new smile

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