Post operative advice

After placement of implants:

  • It can be normal to notice slight bleeding for 1 to 2 days.
  • It can be normal to swell, even if this seems a large swelling.
  • You can observe the skin becoming blueish in colour, ie like a bruise.
  • When the effects of the anaesthetic disappear, it can be normal to be in pain, but this should be relieved by taking the drugs that have been prescribed, the pain should then become bearable.

You must:

  • Apply an ice pack on the operative area as soon after the surgery as possible.
  • You must take all the drugs you have been prescribed even if you have no pain, as a pain that is embedded can be difficult to beat.

You must not:

  • Have a mouth wash on the day of the surgery.
  • Eat or drink anything hot for the first two day.
  • Eat anything too hard.
  • Force your mouth to open or pinch your lips.
  • Drink alcohol or smoke.

Do not hesitate to contact your surgery if:

  • You notice excessive bleeding that doesn’t stop with pressure.
  • If your pain is extreme.