Treatment procedure


Pre-implant examination

A pre-implantological examination is an essential step. It allows us to clarify the following:

  • Whether the general health state allows the insertion of implants;
  • Which prosthesis is to be made;
  • The number of implants needed to make the prosthesis;
  • The volume of bone available to receive the implants;
  • The duration of the treatment;
  • The cost estimate for the treatment.

A pre-implant examination may involve a thorough medical questionnaire, X-rays taken in the clinic or by a radiologist (CT), moulds, and an examination of the condition of your tissues, bones and gums, etc.

After a detailed assessment of your results, we will present you with a treatment plan adapted to your situation and a cost estimate calculated on the basis of your specific needs.

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Placing a dental implant

The procedure is carried out in two stages. The gum covers the implant during the recovery phase, which lasts from 3 to 6 months. The duration of the wound recovery depends on the density and quality of your bone and the implant site. After this period, the healing abutment is screwed onto the implant under local anaesthetic to allow the gums to recede.

When conditions are favourable, we can shorten this period or even immediately insert your implant with a provisionally fixed prosthesis. In the case of immediate fitting, we insert the healing abutment together with the implant.

Ask for a pre-implant examination