Cabinet equipment

Dr. Frédéric DIENER's dental cabinet is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to provide our patients with the best possible care.

3D Radiographie

This high-technology device is a tremendous help for the most precise diagnoses and allows us to perform surgical treatments in complete safety.

Oral camera

This camera colours the bacterial flora as well as the caries. It allows to visualize the places where the plaque accumulates to optimize the brushing.

Équipements du cabinet

Help optics/microscope

The use of microscope and visual help allows to increase the precision of your care. For instance, in endodontie, these tools allow to perform difficult treatments like removing broken instruments in canals, handling additional canals or atypical anatomies of the roots of the teethes, and so on.

Digital microscope

This microscope technique enables us to analyze situation the composition of your dental plate. It helps diagnose periodontal diseases and enables us to follow the evolution of healing during your treatment.

3D Scanner

With this laboratory technique, you benefit from the latest 3D imprint technologies and from manufacturing of the most modern materials with a never equalled reached level of precision. The prosthetists with whom we work master the Cad-Cam techniques which allow them, at first, to virtually design all or a part of your future prostheses on the computer. Next, by internet file transfer, they can be made by specially dedicated machines.


  • All prothetic works are subject of a certificate of traceability.
  • Each implant has its certificate of traceability.
  • The whole sterilization is followed by smooth running tests, and each surgical instrument has its own labelling of traceability.

The equipment in video

3D Scanner

Milling machine

3D Radiography