What is an implant?

A dental implant is an artificial root that looks like a screw.

  • It is made of pure titanium.
  • It enables replacement of one or multiple absent teeth to remove a hook device.
  • It enables stabilisation of a complete prosthetic or better still to replace fixed teeth.

The implants enable the presence of having artificial teeth that in addition to being exceptionally strong look very much like natural real teeth.

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Description of the implants

The system is developed in three steps:

  • The implant,
  • The prosthetic pillar,
  • The Crown.

The prosthetic pillar is the intermediate part between the artificial root and the prosthetic crown.

The prosthetic can be screwed into the pillar itself or be screwed into the implant. We then speak of the screw prosthesis.

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The prosthesis can be sealed on the pillar that is screwed into the implant. We speak of the sealed prosthesis.

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The choice of method depends on the type of prosthetic restoration to take place (the cosmetic impact required of the prosthesis, the number of implants and the number of crowns etc.