Dental prostheses

As part of the implementation of one or more dental prostheses, there are several therapeutic alternatives. Several high-quality alternatives are available to you, allowing you to quickly regain optimal daily comfort.

Tailor-made implementation

As part of the fitting of one or more dental prostheses, there are various treatment alternatives, which will be explained to you after diagnosis.

During our appointments, we will work together to offer you a tailor-made solution, from the first appointment to the placement of your dentures.

During our consultations, we will discuss the factors for the fitting of the prostheses concerned, such as their colour, shape and alignment, depending on your individual situation.

We always provide a temporary solution for the teeth that are visible in the smile, in order to guarantee your well-being in everyday life and to avoid any risk of social embarrassment. You will be able to get on with your life with peace of mind.

We will also work with you to find a solution that is adapted to your own criteria, whether it be your desired level of comfort, your aesthetic choices or your budget.

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Confortable and sustainable solutions

Depending on your dentist's diagnosis and your situation, two options can be considered:

  • The movable prosthesis
  • The fixed prosthesis

We work closely with a laboratory that specialises in removable prostheses. We can also count on the expertise of our specialist in fixed prostheses, who works at the clinic. You are therefore assured of receiving exemplary support and implementation.

Various possibilities can be discussed depending on your situation. Here are some examples of solutions that can be considered according to our diagnosis and the specificities of your teeth:

  • You are missing just one tooth: fitting of just one dental prosthesis
  • You are missing two or more teeth: replacement of several teeth in same area
  • You are missing all your teeth: replacement of several teeth on the same arch.

Your dentist will always favour the least invasive solution possible, but also the most comfortable one, to ensure your well-being throughout our consultations.

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