A healthy mouth

Maintaining a healthy mouth will enable you to feel well, have a beaming smile, get closer to the ones you love without fearing for bad breath and eat whatever you like without pain in your teeth or gums.

Your mouth is the mirror of your health;

It can reflect but also affect your health in general. A few clues can alert you about potential oral health issues:

  • sensitivity to heat/cold/sweet items;
  • abnormal colour of the surface of a tooth;
  • minor spontaneous bleeds or during brushing;
  • bad breath...

A dental check-up will provide a diagnosis and offer you some solutions.

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Your dentist is your partner in keeping a healthy mouth!

Surprisingly certain oral issues can go unnoticed in the early stages. For example, early stages of tooth decay (which is not painful!) will only be visible with an x-ray.

The dental practitioner also has a number of other diagnostic tools available to him such as a powerful shadow-less surgical light, optical aids, inter-oral cameras… the earlier the problem is picked-up, the less important will the damage be and the less invasive will the treatment be.

Furthermore, depending on your unique profile (age, health, family history, eating habits, lifestyle …) your dentist will give you individual advice on how to avoid dental issues and put in place a prophylactic treatment to keep a healthy mouth.

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